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Tierra y Fuego


About us

Pepe came from the North, Veronica from the South. He's from TorreĆ³n, Mexico, the Gordita capital of the world, where smoking and grilling meat is a right of passage. She's from Bacalar, Mexico, home of some of the most fragrant chilies on earth. For the past 30 years, they have come together to make what many consider to be the best tacos they have ever tasted: freshly-baked corn tortillas, grilled and smoked meats, onion and cilantro, scratch salsas, with a squeeze of lime.In the summer of 2018, they decided to pop a food truck on their farm and began making tacos with no frills. Pepe became pit master, seasoning, grilling and smoking pork, chicken and beef to perfection. Veronica took to the kitchen to make scratch salsas and corn tortillas. They hung a simple sign at 28th and Jay and people began to come in droves for their simple and crave-able fare.Tierra y Fuego, (Earth and Fire) takes its name from elements essential to this authentic Mexican cuisine. The result is straightforward, traditional Mexican food with layers, edge, and complexity.Pepe and Veronica are proud to bring their history and heritage to the many hungry people of Boulder, Colorado. It is through this daily immersion in their culture that they remain rooted in the pride of their hometowns in Mexico.